AcademiX GNU/Linux stable 1.0

AcademiX GNU / Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian,. The first ISO beta based on Debian Jessie was born in the 22nd of January 2015 and then follows Debian Stretch arriving at the stable version, built specifically for teaching. It contains a multitude of programs with free licenses for instruction from primary classes to higher education, as well as various utilities with free licenses.
The distribution contains a setting mode through which it can be installed with a simple click various specific applications for mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, statistics, electronics, graphics, office, music, audio and video editing, programming, and they are accompanied by interactive virtual laboratories, as well as a NASA developed using virtual microscope. Robotics labs successfully complete the list of educational programs. A special section for teachers, allowing them to create various publications, for use by students and for online publication. The installation of the module allows a series of over 130 training programs to be installed easily with a simple click.
Some of the programs are specific to Debian, others are created and used by various renowned universities in the United States and Europe. Mate-based GUI provides a compromise between resource consumption reduction and a modern and intuitive interface, so that deployment can run smoothly on older computers available in schools.
Most training programs in this distribution are licensed under the GNU GPL or BSD, so that only maintenance costs are reduced.

AcademiX GNU / Linux releases Stable version 1.0 with a Debian Stretch-style installer, Firefox 58.0.1, EDU v. 065, Kernel 4.9, Mate DE 1.16.2, allows efi-legacy dual-boot installation, 130 programs for education, lightness and speed

Download AcademiX GNU/Linux



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